Health Quest's aim is to provide a body of knowledge and wisdom in the field of healthcare delivery, which leads to and provides valid alternatives in method and practice in the art of healing, yet provides a modern and future perspective and contribution to the medical arts and sciences.

Philosophically Health Quest is holistic: not in the simplistic connection of bodily symptoms and systems; but in the more fundamental sense that the emotions, mind and spirit are included in all matters of disease, health and well-being.The project is primarily empirical rather than theoretical, with subsequent ideas and models remaining open to change from further observation, experiment (in life, rather than the laboratory) and genuine evidence.

From the perspective of service delivery the client or patient remains fundamental: his or her perspective, attitudes and needs are the core of the consultation process.

The Health Quest philiosphy is reflected in our Integrative Clinic, in the publications we support and distribute and the total environment we choose to operate in.

What makes Health Quest different?

There have been medical practitioners offering alternative and complementary services for some time. There have also been attempts by some of these doctors to extend their services by working with alternative health practitioners.

At Health Quest we have taken a further step: we have attracted several of these doctors together under one roof, and use thier collective experience to offer a wider range of services from within a medical framework and from the detailed experience of our practitioners. We believe this offers a validity and authenticity of these services that has not yet been achieved in Perth.

It also creates a college-like atmosphere where our practitioners can share ideas and directions. The benefit to you the patient is that more comprehensive services are offered under the one roof and, if the first medical contact is not to your liking, there are alternatives in the one location.

Other services on site include Tissue Mineral Analysis, for comprehensive physical and nutritional diagnosis, and an Integrated Mind Screen, for mental health diagnosis and management.

Health Quest is a work in progress and this is reflected in the ongoing expansion of ideas, approaches, services and practitioners. Yet we hope Health Quest will always retain its homely and personal presentation to your satisfaction.