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Welcome to Health Quest

All the Health Quest Integrative Clinic practitioners are independent, with respect to their clinical services, and the clinic itself is private and independent of other organisations. We pride ourselves on these features, as it means the services we offer are free of external influences and the potential for compromise.


Dr Hugh Derham offers a multifaceted approach to all matters of disease, health and well-being, with a special interest in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, chronic and tick borne infections; applying a broad range of techniques and therapies including Nutritional Medicine, herbs and antibiotics.

Dr Marisa Casotti is a registered medical practitioner of 30 years standing and has a postgraduate degree in Nutritional Environmental/Integrative Medicine from ACNEM. She treats all patients’ medical issues holistically and seeks to help them with a combination of lifestyle changes and natural supplements, which aid the body’s normal physiological mechanisms, for example, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement. Sometimes conventional drugs are still necessary as well. Treatment takes place over many months/years for full effects.

Dr Igor Tabrizian specializes in applying the principles of Nutritional Medicine to formally diagnosed Autism in children.


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