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Nutritional Medicine

Dr Igor Tabrizian’s books are essential reading for anyone interested in developments in the exciting field of Nutritional Medicine today. Expertly illustrated and extensively referenced and with humour to match the breadth of the subject matter his books are informative and entertaining.

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Inflammation: The Disease We All Have
Dr Igor Tabrizian M.D.
Kindle Edition

Inflammation is the universal disease: everyone has it. Dr T explains (with his well recognised storyboard format) a generic model of why we get sick. The factors affecting the process of chronic disease and chronic inflammation including Autoimmune diseases are laid out in a logical visual chapters. It also has a self help page to get readers on the path to understanding their genetic predisposition and lifestyle risk factors for the chronic diseases. This is a landmark work that explains why disease becomes chronic in everyone.

This is a Kindle digital book – order directly from for AUD $11.99

public2Staying Healthy
Dr Igor Tabrizian M.D.

This book aims to explain how nutrition gets into our food and then into us, and how we can best plan our diets to get as much of what we need as possible. It is also written to aid in the dietary correction of any of the listed deficiencies you may have.

Dr Igor Tabrizian’s books (except Kindle editions) can be ordered (wholesale or retail) by email.